Usim Service Table


Service n°1:     Local Phone Book
Service n°2:     Fixed Dialling Numbers (FDN)
Service n°3:     Extension 2
Service n°4:     Service Dialling Numbers (SDN)
Service n°5:     Extension3
Service n°6:     Barred Dialling Numbers (BDN)
Service n°7:     Extension4
Service n°8:     Outgoing Call Information (OCI and OCT)

Service n°9:     Incoming Call Information (ICI and ICT)
Service n°10:    Short Message Storage (SMS)
Service n°11:    Short Message Status Reports (SMSR)
Service n°12:    Short Message Service Parameters (SMSP)
Service n°13:    Advice of Charge (AoC)
Service n°14:    Capability Configuration Parameters 2 (CCP2)
Service n°15:    Cell Broadcast Message Identifier
Service n°16:    Cell Broadcast Message Identifier Ranges

Service n°17:      Group Identifier Level 1
Service n°18:      Group Identifier Level 2
Service n°19:      Service Provider Name
Service n°20:      User controlled PLMN selector with Access Technology
Service n°21:      MSISDN
Service n°22:      Image (IMG)
Service n°23:      Support of Localised Service Areas (SoLSA)
Service n°24:           Enhanced Multi-Level Precedence and Pre-emption Service

Service n°25:        Automatic Answer for eMLPP
Service n°26:        RFU
Service n°27:        GSM Access
Service n°28:        Data download via SMS-PP
Service n°29:        Data download via SMS-CB
Service n°30:        Call Control by USIM
Service n°31:        MO-SMS Control by USIM
Service n°32:        RUN AT COMMAND command

Service n°33:         shall be set to '1'
Service n°34:         Enabled Services Table
Service n°35:         APN Control List (ACL)
Service n°36:         Depersonalisation Control Keys
Service n°37:         Co-operative Network List
Service n°38:         GSM security context
Service n°39:         CPBCCH Information
Service n°40:         Investigation Scan

Service n°41:         MexE
Service n°42:         Operator controlled PLMN selector with Access Technology
Service n°43:         HPLMN selector with Access Technology
Service n°44:         Extension 5
Service n°45:         PLMN Network Name
Service n°46:         Operator PLMN List
Service n°47:         Mailbox Dialling Numbers
Service n°48:         Message Waiting Indication Status

Service n°49:         Call Forwarding Indication Status
Service n°50:         Reserved and shall be ignored
Service n°51:         Service Provider Display Information
Service n°52          Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
Service n°53          Extension 8
Service n°54          Call control on GPRS by USIM
Service n°55          MMS User Connectivity Parameters
Service n°56          Network's indication of alerting in the MS (NIA)

Service n°57         VGCS Group Identifier List (EF VGCS and EF VGCSS )
Service n°58         VBS Group Identifier List (EF VBS and EF VBSS )
Service n°59         Pseudonym
Service n°60         User Controlled PLMN selector for I-WLAN access
Service n°61         Operator Controlled PLMN selector for I-WLAN access
Service n°62          User controlled WSID list
Service n°63          Operator controlled WSID list
Service n°64         VGCS security

Service n°65        VBS security
Service n°66        WLAN Reauthentication Identity
Service n°67        Multimedia Messages Storage
Service n°68        Generic Bootstrapping Architecture (GBA)


移动    86 7F 1F 1C 23 0E 00 00 40 00 50
联通    9E FF BF FD FF 3E DC 03 40 01
电信   80 2F 1C 2C 23 0E 01 00 C0 00 50
红茶移动  00 00 0C 04 27 36 04 00 40
简化配置 00 08 1C 04 21 06 00 00 40 00 10

电信和移动多了EPS配置( EPS Mobility Management Information 和 Call control on EPS PDN connection by USIM)

移动/电信简化配置   00 08 1C 04 21 06 00 00 40 00 10

S12 — Short Message Service Parametors
S19 — Service Provider name
S20 — User controlled PLMN selector with Access Techology
S27 — GSM Access
S33 — shall be set to 1
S38 — GSM security context
S42 — Operator controlled PLMN selector with Access Technology
S43 — HPLMN selector with Access Technology
S71 — Equivalent HPLMN
S85 — EPS Mobility Manager Information

S37 Co-Operative Network List
S45 PLMN Network Name
S46 Operator PLMN List
S51 Service Provider Display Information
S73 Equivalent HPLMN Presentaion Infication


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